Originally reported in The Telegraph.

Allegedly, a headteacher in a school has been suspended, pending review, for adopting a no homework policy.

Although I doubt this investigation was triggered solely by the no homework policy, (one suspects there is much more to this story than meets the eye), there is myriad evidence to support the viewpoint that homework provides no benefit to students.

Even students know it.

In a recent debate, one very intelligent thirteen year old masterfully constructed an argument against homework. She mentioned that Finnish schools have very little homework, yet Finnish schools outperform their English counterparts in global league tables.

Yet, Singapore and China have high homework standards, with the average student studying 9.4 and 13.8 hours per week, respectively. (Source)

Again, it all circles back to cultural differences. A recent report hints at the problem, with parents in the UK spending MUCH less time helping with homework than parents in other countries. (BBC)

As much as I love my job, it’s so much easier to teach students who are from homes that value teachers, and education. It’s pleasing to read that 87% of surveyed parents appreciated the quality of their children’s teachers.

I would argue that homework is only going to have an impact on attainment if kids have access to good quality revision material, (notes in exercise books, websites, teacher’s email address) alongside well pitched questions and tasks.

One thing is certain; everyone has an opinion on homework!

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