2017 has been a spectacular year; definitely the greatest of my life.

After thirteen years of happiness, my best friend and I decided to throw a lavish party to celebrate our love for each other. I believe it’s called a wedding, yet essentially, I just turned up to a delightful little venue in a suit, said a few nice words and spoke to approximately one hundred people in the span of eight hours. 

My wife definitely deserves a lot of credit for the monumental amount of work she put in to make our wedding day special. So, congratulations Mrs Hamilton, for organising an event full of love, happiness and cheer!

In the autumn, we doubled down on our commitment by buying our first property together. Perhaps for the only time, a Conservative government actually aided me in life, due to the incredible bursary dished out to trainee teachers –  £25000 of tax free cash is an absurdity – yet I felt no guilt watching the tri-monthly payments trickle into my bank account. After all, I was a Learning Support Assistant for four years, so I feel the Government owes me more than just £25k.

This year, I completed my teacher training with an outstanding pass. The process cemented my love for teaching – I’ve met so many talented young people that I’m positive the future of our country is in safe hands. Safer than what we have now, that’s for damn sure.

I finally wrestled control over my mental illness, too. Undoubtedly, medicine has aided my battle, but I think the turning point was the acceptance that I must find a way to manage OCD, anxiety and depression to enable me to be an effective educator. Suffering with a mental illness also enables me to connect with kids who are struggling with their own demons – I seem to have a knack for reading between the bullshit bravado that often comes from teens suffering with mental illness.

Perhaps my perceived skill of seeing through barriers is my own bullshit bravado, but I can safely say that I’ve helped at least four pupils get some semblance of mental peace during my short time in my new school. 

Oh yeah, I started my teaching career in a lovely school. Awesome kids, awesome staff.

All in all, 2017 was an excellent year. I sincerely hope that anyone reading this has had a wonderful year too. If not, make 2018 your year to thrive and shine. It feels wonderful. 

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