ANTIFA – Ironically Fascist

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. You’ve caught me writing words discussing a veiled threat to society.

I’ve been itching to write about the absolutely tragic, disgraceful and abhorrent actions of the white supremacist, in Charlottesville. However, much has been typed, vlogged and blogged, so I won’t add another drop into the ocean.

The image seen around the world.

I will say, though, that society instantly labels attacks, like the atrocity in Charlottesville, as terrorism, and quite rightly so. However, the president instead opted to condemn violence ‘on all sides’. As a Brit, people would argue that I have no business discussing US politics. But the proliferation of social media and internet journalism means landmark events, such as an act of terrorism, are tantamount to worldwide news, rather than just national news.

I’m critical of the way Trump dealt with the immediate aftermath of the racially charged attack, but my reasoning my surprise you.

I don’t disagree with the president’s words that there is ‘violence on all sides’. It was just unbelievably poor timing to allude to ANTIFA, particularly when you consider swathes of people don’t even realise just WHAT the president was slyly referencing. Indeed, Trump should have instantly condemned white supremacy and nazism, firmly outlining that racist hate is completely unacceptable. And that would be that.

Then, mention violence on ‘all sides’ after a few weeks, once wounds have begun to heal. Because I hate to admit it, but Trump is absolutely correct with what he says, but the timing was misjudged.

ANTIFA’s mark of excellence.

For those who don’t know, the Anti-Fascist (ANTIFA) movement, is a political alliance with left leaning ideals. An anti-fascist group sounds great. I would hope that 99% of the world would detest fascism. I agree with some of the principles they believe in, such as the unchecked wealth that corporations and the elite have. Yet, all is not as rosy as it appears.

How does ANTIFA promote their political ideals? By donning black masks, hoods and robes, marching through streets, violently attacking any right-wing protestors, regardless of their political affiliation. ANTIFA believes if an individual voted for Trump, they must be a fascist or a racist. What kind of logic is that? That would mean 51% of US citizens are racists and fascists. It also implies that anyone who votes for the UK conservative party is a racist or a fascist.

ANTIFA destroys property, throws gas grenades at crowds of people and savagely beats anyone who happens to find themselves in the path of the raging stampede of misguided anti-fascists. In the book ‘Nature of Fascism’, the author states that fascists are drawn to romantic symbolism, are mass mobilised, are happy to incite violence for political gain, and endorse youth, masculinity and charismatic leadership. Now look at the picture below.

A screenshot from a YouTube video, reporting on the violence in Berkeley. Full video available here.

See the black flag with the ANTIFA symbol, clouded by the purple smoke grenade? Romantic symbolism.

Mass mobilisation? The YouTube video shows just how many ANTIFA members turned up to a supposedly ‘cancelled’ pro-Trump rally.

Promote violence to achieve their goals? Yep.

Endorse youth and masculinity? If this CNN article is any indication, ANTIFA also check this box.

It appears that the anti-fascists are employing fascist techniques. Why is this an issue? This group is who Trump was addressing when he said ‘violence on all sides’. I don’t understand why the president didn’t name the group – perhaps through fear of giving them media exposure? I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive answer for that.

What I do know is that many US right-wingers feel aggrieved that their media outlets do not frequently report on the violence ANTIFA incites. It stokes the flames of ‘fake news’. Many liberals are leaning towards passively supporting ANTIFA by not denouncing the actions of the group.

Good ol’ Donald.

The irony is that some liberals are quick to attack the president for not outright denouncing extreme right-wing political views, yet many of the same group of liberals find it hilarious that Trump supporters get battered by extreme left-wingers.

What is the solution? Liberals, conservatives and those somewhere in the middle ground must stop labelling everyone who doesn’t agree with their political views as a ‘liberal snow flake’ or a ‘gun-toting racist’. My wife often says that everyone is inherently good, and I tend to agree.

So, if someone wants to control immigration because their trade is suffering from poor wages due to foreign workers, it doesn’t make them inherently racist, nor does it make them an evil person. Likewise, if someone believes that there needs to be an increased focus on creating social housing so that everyone has a home, it doesn’t mean they’re a communist or a social justice warrior.


The population of people sandwiched by the extreme left (ANTIFA) and the extreme right (KKK, Nazis), must find a common ground. We must communicate, because most of us want to support humanity and we want the same thing – a stable, safe and enjoyable society – but how we achieve this is just a matter of opinion.

What do ya’ll think? Leave a comment below. You can find links to my social media pages on the left!

Until next time.

Mr H.



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