30 Day Video Game Challenge – Post 1 – Very First Video Game!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. You caught me writing words about the time I popped my video game cherry, when I carefully placed Keystone Kapers into my Dad’s video game console.

30 day video game challenge

But before we begin, let me explain how this little series will work. The image above shows a 30-day challenge. Originally, it was designed to be a daily post challenge. I intend to use this challenge as a skeleton, slowly layering muscle on top when it suits me. Video games are so easy to write about, as I’m a seasoned pro, as I played my first game at the tender age of three.

I find memory fascinating. Not the visual memory of a video game console, but human memory. Studying psychology at university developed a sound knowledge of how fragile and fake memory can be. Indeed, what you perceive to be memories are often confabulated to the point of total mistruth. So, it’s with huge trepidation that I confess my earliest gaming memory was playing Keystone Kapers.

I could swear that I played this game on cassette, using the Commodore 64, but trawling through the wiki page for the game, I find no mention of a C64 release. You see, memory is a tricky business! I fondly remember my father owning the C64, because I remember being entranced by the black and white ‘ticker’ next to the cassette port. My small child brain was seemingly more interested in watching these digits pass by, than watching my Dad play the game!

A Commodore 64 – Can you imagine using cassette tapes for video games? How did they even work?!

Perhaps I played this game on a MSX system instead? This retro machine doesn’t use cassettes; however, it does use cassette-sized cartridges! The final option is that I played this on an Atari 2600, but I’m certain we purchased this console at some sort of family fun fair when I was about seven years old. Maybe it’s a mishmash of them all… I’ll ask my Dad later, but that relies on his memory to be correct!

A Sony MSX – Strange to think that Microsoft and Sony were once best buds!

Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter what machine I played it on. I played it and it was glorious! It won a game of the year award, which in retrospect, was thoroughly deserved. I fondly remember chasing that criminal across the screen, up escalators, down lifts, jumping over weird blue obstacles… It doesn’t sound too riveting, but in 1990, it would have blown my three-year-old mind! It was developed by a little known company called ‘Activision’. Not sure what they’re up to now…




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